About Fiona Speirs

In 2009, Fiona received an award at National Level for her work developing and delivering a course of Sex & Relationships Education for students with Asperger Syndrome accessing a College of FE in Nottingham.

Fiona Speirs is former Assistant Headteacher at Rosehill School in Nottingham, a school that caters for pupils on the autistic spectrum. Fiona now works on a part time basis at the school having decided to focus on training and consultancy work as there has been an increased demand for her to do this over recent years.

Fiona has extensive ‘hands on’ experience of working with young people with learning difficulties and ASD in particular, having graduated in 1985 with a B.Ed 2(i) Honours degree in Special Education (formerly known as ‘Mental Handicap’). She taught for 8 years in a Special School in Kirkbyin- Ashfield (Nottinghamshire), teaching children with a severe learning difficulty across the age ranges. During this time she gained knowledge of children with Down’s Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Prader- Willi Syndrome and other conditions.